Farmstand & Flowers

Farmstand & Flowers



Looking for a way to brighten up your home or office with beautiful, locally sourced flowers?

Come visit the FRONTERRA Flower Bar and take home a piece of nature’s beauty, fresh from our farm.

Our flowers are sustainably grown using regenerative farming practices ensuring that you are getting quality blooms that are good for your health and for the environment. Every day during the summer months, our flower bar located on County Road 27 by our Heritage Farmhouse will be restocked with farm fresh flowers and botanicals. Inspired from our delightful experience of European flower markets, our flower bar offers a fabulous display of blooms, letting you unleash your creativity to design your own bouquet or flower arrangement. This is a do-it-yourself experience for all flower lovers!

If you are looking for a unique and personalized touch to add to your special occasion, we also offer custom flower arrangements. Our arrangements are hand-crafted by our farmer-florist and are designed with the freshest flowers from our fields. To ensure that we provide the best service possible, we kindly ask that you place your order at least two days in advance and pick up your arrangement at the farm. We take great care in selecting the perfect flowers for your arrangement and strive to make every bouquet a unique piece of natural art.

Order your Flower Arrangement now at to bring some joy and beauty to your day! You Deserve it!

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